As a rabbinical student, I have had the opportunity to write and teach in a variety of contexts. Below are a few samples of work that I have created.

ודברת בם בביתך – V’Dibarta Bam B’Veitecha – Speak of Them in Your Home: An Exploration of Jewish Ritual and Practice for the Young Family

The Curriculum Guide/Master’s Thesis I completed to receive my Master of Arts in Jewish Education in 2011.

HUC Senior Sermon – September 6, 2012 – Parashat Ki Tavo

Sermon on Contraception

Sermon delivered to Congregation Kol Ami in February, 2012.

Tech in the Classroom

Presentation given to religious school teachers from Los Angeles congregations at a teacher orientation in September, 2012.

Parent Orientation – September 2011

A text study and guide to that year’s learning for the parents of the Congregation Kol Ami Religious School.


Text Study on Parashat Nitzavim

A collection of traditional and modern commentaries used for a weekly parashah text study.

Presentation by Rabbi Paul Kipnes about Educational Internship





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