Here we go again…

As I start this, my second attempt at blogging, I also know that I am doing something else again…heading off to Israel. Four years ago, right around this time, I was packing up my life, moving it from Jackson, MS back to Chicago, putting it in storage (thanks Dad), and getting onto an Israir flight. Now, I am leaving most of my life where it is (including Tami), and just heading off for four weeks. But, since we are planning to move when I get back, I know that we are packing up our lives in a very short period of time.

Why am I going to Israel (and why isn’t Tami coming with)? For a month-long seminar with my rabbinic/education classmates. Thanks to the Mandel Foundation, who have given all of us a fellowship this year, we have had the change to learn with and from each other in Malibu in September, in Boston in January, and now will be going to Israel for a month. I leave on Sunday, and we get started on Tuesday. So now, I’m off to pack.


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